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Rear, TL


ActiZip R5

Good grip in dry as well as in wet conditions, with high skid resistance
₹ 3,200.00 including taxes

140/70-17 Bike Tyres

Tyres are an essential part of every vehicle. For the vehicle's and riders' safety, good quality is essential. 140/70-17 bike tyres are a wonderful choice if you're seeking a high-quality tyre. The Apollo 140/70 x 17 tubeless tyres have a low rolling resistance, which makes them exceptionally fuel-efficient.

140/70-17 Bike Tyre Price

At Apollo Tyres, we are committed to provide the best tyres at reasonable prices. We feel that having a premium-quality tyre at an affordable price is the best thing one can do for their beloved vehicle. We offer 140/70-17 tyres at a very low price without sacrificing quality. On difficult roads, our 140/70-17 tyres feature strong impact resistance and structural durability.

140/70-17 Bike Tyre Size

For your bike, we have high-quality 140/70-17 bike tyres. The 140/70-17 bike tyre size provide greater traction on all terrains, enhancing the tyre's overall grip quality, resulting in improved vehicle stability and a smoother ride. These tyres have a consistent front print and a longer tread life.