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Rear, Tubeless

Picture for brand Apollo   80/100-18

ActiGrip R1

Superior Grip Block pattern MC tyre for all Terrain application
₹ 1,750.00 MRP inclusive of all taxes
Rear, Tubeless

Picture for brand Apollo   80/100-18

ActiZip R3

High Speed, High Comfort Designed especially for The ones who race with the wind. And win. The unstoppable unfazed by the unfavorable.
₹ 1,725.00 MRP inclusive of all taxes
Front, Tubeless

Picture for brand Apollo   80/100-18

ActiZip F2

Centre groove assisted directional MC front tyre for high speed biking
₹ 1,720.00 MRP inclusive of all taxes

80/100 x 18 Tyres

If you're searching for a tyre that will keep your bike stable at high speeds, the 80/100-18 is the perfect option for your glamorous ride. Bike tyres must have consistent tread wear and be easy to mount and dismount. As a result, 80/100 – 18 is the most recommended and best tyre.

80/100 x 18 Tyres Price

Apollo Tyres’ is well-known for its high-quality products and its ability to perform well on the inconsistent Indian roads. We design tyres that are specific to the needs of the vehicle and its users. To buy 80/100-18 tyres and receive the most up-to-date apollo tyre price, go to The 80/100-18 tubeless tyre and the 80/100-18 tube tyre are both very affordable.

80/100 x 18 Tyres Size

We offer detailed information that allows you to compare the 80/100-18 tyre size to that of comparable vehicles. The appropriate size tyres are critical in your vehicles since they are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road. A properly sized tyre also improves the vehicle's overall performance.