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Tyre Care and Maintenance
      1. Wheel alignment
        • It is recommended to have vehicle alignment checked at every 5000 kms or whenever irregular wear or vehicle pulling is noticed.
        • Incase of any accidental vehicle, it is recommended to have proper alignment setting and OR part replacement from authorized franchisee only
      2. Tyre rotation
        • Always ensure to rotate tyre at every 5000 kms or whenever an uneven tread wear is noticed.
        • Always follow vehicle manufacturer’s recommended rotation pattern.
      3. Tyre change:
        • It is not safe to use tyres once tread wear indicator is exposed i.e. at remaining 1.6 mm tread depth.
        • Do not use any tyre with damaged carcass.
      4. Inflation pressure maintenance:
        • Always maintain inflation pressure as per the recommendation of vehicle manufacturer for optimum tyre performance.
        • It is recommended to check inflation pressure in cold condition on at least weekly basis and even more frequently in new tyre for first 3000kms
        • Keep 5 Psi (0.3kg/cm2) more inflation pressure from the recommendation in spare tyre and reduce it to recommended inflation pressure at the time of usage.
        • It is recommended to have 2~3Psi (0.1~0.2kg/cm2) more inflation pressure in tyres of aspect ratio 55 or below.
        • It is recommended to have 5Psi (0.3kf/cm2) more inflation pressure during driving in express highways at high speed to reduce the flat spotting effect.
      5. Wheel balancing:
        • Always use rims free from any bend/damage.
        • Balance the assembly at the time of new tyre fitment or whenever it is de-mounted/mounted on the rim.
        • Balance the wheel assembly whenever vibrations are felt during running.
      6. Proper tyre mounting demounting:
        • Always mount all four radial tyres of same brand for optimum advantages of radial tyre. Mixed use with bias or different brands in the same vehicle is not recommended.
        • Always mount tyre with correct size of rim .
        • Always use a new and correct size tube of same brand with a new tyre.
        • Always use new tubeless valve while replacing the tyre.
        • Always check rim for its flange part free from dirt & rust.
        • Rim valve hole should be round & smooth.
        • Always ensure no foreign material/object in between tyre, tube and the rim while mounting.
        • Always lubricate the tyre beads with recommended soap solution prior to mounting and de-mounting. Never use Greece or any other chemical as lubricant
        • Never exceed tyre inflation pressure from 44 Psi (3.0 kg/cm2) to seat the beads.

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