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Sedan Car Tyres

10 July 2021

Best tyres for compact sedans in India by Apollo Tyres

Sedan Car Tyres

Cars in the compact sedan segment in India, sell like hot cakes due to their affordability and premium appeal. Over the years, the segment has personified comfortable ride quality, good fuel-economy and lower maintenance costs. But if you are just restarting life and work after a year in lockdown mode, your car may need some upkeep, especially on the tyres front, before you head out for regular spins.

At Apollo Tyres, we understand Indian roads better than anyone else and have designed high-quality yet low-maintenance car tyres for years now. Here are the two Apollo Tyres offerings that you should check out in case you are looking for compact sedan tyres online.

Apollo Alnac 4G

One of the best tyres in the compact sedan and premium hatchback segment, the Alnac 4G presents a revolutionary design as far as tyre treads go. The 4G tread pattern offers excellent vehicle stability on the highways and precise steering control when changing lanes or cornering bends at high speeds. The tread pattern has a larger outer shoulder and a stiffer rid at the centre to maintain vehicle balance and minimize side roll. Moreover, the tread compound is based on higher TG rubber which offers exceptional mileage and braking performance.

The Alnac 4G is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-performance sedan tyre.

Apollo Amazer 4G Life

In case you are looking for balanced performance but high mileage, the Apollo Amazer 4G Life will definitely leave you amazed with its 1,00,000+ rated tyre life. The tyre is made from ultra-high wear-resistant rubber compound that makes it a great choice for city driving where you mostly drive at moderate speeds. The tyre is also safeguarded against sudden impacts such as pavement outcroppings and broken speed breakers (the prefab yellow ones). Its robust cavity design not only ensures structural durability but also offers exceptional puncture resistance.

So, if you are looking for a sedan tyre which will last you through the pandemic and more, the Alnac 4G & Amazer 4G Life is the one for you.

Buy Sedan Tyres Online

Both the Alnac 4G and Amazer 4G Life are available in different rim sizes to match the model number of your car. But that’s not it, now you can buy Apollo sedan tyres online directly from our E-shop. Simply visit and place your order.

How it works?

Apollo Tyres E-shop allows you to buy car tyres online through a buy online, fit offline process. Once you place your order, you can select an Apollo Tyre Dealer near you for scheduling a contact-less fitment. Visit the store at the assigned time and the Apollo staff will fit the new tyres for your car and have you ready to go the distance.