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tyre care and maintenance

24 August 2023

Tyre rotation is a fundamental aspect of car maintenance that significantly impacts your vehicle's performance, safety, and your wallet.

22 July 2023

Summers can get exceptionally hot in India, and so does the tarmac. We always hear some crazy stories when the temperature rises, such as, the asphalt melting away or people frying eggs on the sidewalk. But can it get so hot that it actually affects your bike’s handling and control?

30 June 2022

While it's not always the first thing you think of when you consider how to take care of your car, tyre pressure is an important part of maintenance. Tyres that aren't properly inflated can lead to lower gas mileage and extra wear on your car.

28 April 2022

Tires, one of the most important elements of a car, can wear out and affect the overall efficiency of your vehicle. They are a fundamental part of your car as they help you maintain the car’s stability and also provide the necessary grip for the car to operate properly.

09 July 2021

In time, even the most fuel-efficient cars start losing their way as the systems become older. However, with regular maintenance and good driving habits, you can go back to fuel-efficient ways once again. While fuel-efficiency generally depends on the powertrain of your car, there are other factors that contribute as well. Having good tyres on is one of them.

09 July 2021

Your car may have the most modern connectivity, drivability and entertainment features, but it cannot run without its legs, the tyres. Having a set of high-performance car tyres not only improves the drivability and road safety but also aids other components in working better. That’s why timely replacement of car tyres is imperative once the tyres have covered their rated miles on the road.

09 July 2021

It is recommended to have vehicle alignment checked at every 5000 kms or whenever irregular wear or vehicle pulling is noticed.

Incase of any accidental vehicle, it is recommended to have proper alignment setting and OR part replacement from authorized franchisee only