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When is the Right Time to Change Tyres?

There is no specified time per se which answers the question we are addressing today but there are ways which can help determine the life span of your car or SUV tyres. These include tyre make and design, the habits of the driver, quality of roads on which it is driven, weather conditions, etc. The Indian conditions usually call for a change of tyres every 2-3 years of usage.

Here are the things that help determine if you need a change of tyres:

  1. Check the depth of tyre tread: Examine the depth of your car tyre tread by finding the tread wear indicator on the tyre and look for the remaining tread depth. The indicator is present on almost all tyres manufactured in recent years. Or you can do the check through the one-rupee coin test. Insert the coin between the ridges of tread to determine wear. If the coin remains mostly-outside the gap, then you need to swap tyres.
  2. Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment: Its always advised to get wheel balancing and wheel alignment checks done at regular intervals at good tyre shops near you. If your car doesn’t drive in a straight line, there is an issue with the wheel that is causing uneven wear of tyres. Get it checked and replace tyres after having the wheel alignment and balancing fixed.
  3. Importance of tyre grip: A number of factors determine the quality of tyre grip, such as tyre tread pattern, the kind of rubber compound used, inflation pressures and wheel alignment. If your tyres are losing grip, skidding around corners and while braking, it’s an indicator that you need to change tyres.
  4. Frequent punctures: A tyre puncture is more common in worn tyres. The rubber treads tend to get exhausted with continuous use, making way for ingress of pointed objects like nails, metal wires and broken glass. If punctures are a regular occurrence in your tyres, it’s time for a change.
  5.  Check the kilometers: You can also keep a check on the number of kilometers driven. Every tyre comes with a range, also called mileage. Exceeding the mileage will deteriorate performance and can lead to tyre blowouts. A typical, high-quality tubeless tyres lasts about 40,000-50,000 kilometers when driven optimally.

Looking for new car tyres online?

We know that the raging pandemic situation has impacted a lot of plans, including your car care and maintenance schedules. Even now, when unlocks are happening everywhere, people are advised to stay cautious during public contact. Keeping that in view, Apollo Tyres are offering car and SUV tyres online through www.shop.apollotyres.com. You can buy tyres online and get them fitted at your nearest Apollo store at a fixed appointed time.