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Get The Right Tyres

09 July 2021

Get the right tyres to save fuel on your car

Get the right tyres to save fuel on your car

In time, even the most fuel-efficient cars start losing their way as the systems become older. However, with regular maintenance and good driving habits, you can go back to fuel efficient ways once again. While fuel-efficiency generally depends on the powertrain of your car, there are other factors that contribute as well. Having good tyres on is one of them.

Fuel-Efficient Tyres from Apollo

Apollo Tyres have been making car and SUV tyres in India since 1972. We understand Indian cars, Indian drivers and Indian roads, modelling our products to suit the native conditions. Our latest tyres models are made from advanced rubber compounds that offer better traction and mobility, ensuring less stress on the powertrain. Furthermore, our trademarked 4G tread patterns also favour lesser fuel consumption by reducing the rolling resistance of Apollo car tyres. The combination of performance, mileage, and fuel efficiency has also popularized our Amazer and Alnac series tyres, in-stock fitment, among OEMs.

Buying Apollo Fuel-Efficient Tyres Online

Apollo Tyres now offer all car and SUV tyres online through, a one-stop solution for vehicle owners looking for new tyres. We facilitate the online purchase and offline fitment of new tyres at your nearby Apollo Tyres shop. The tyres you purchase online come from fresh stock and are covered under the standard Apollo Tyres warranty for manufacturing defects and damages. You can also avail of additional tyre care services like nitrogen filling, wheel balancing and alignment and tyre rotation at the dealership.

Complement your new tyres with fuel-efficient driving

With global warming a real prospect that affects the planet and rising fuel prices another one that affects your pocket, adopting fuel-efficient driving habits can help with both. For instance, always switch off the engine at signals, and avoid frequent braking or unnecessary acceleration because that’s where most fuel gets wasted. Also, whenever the weather permits switch off the air conditioning and drive with windows down. Finally, always keep your car serviced and your tyres treaded to get the most out of every ride.