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New Car Tyres from Apollo

10 July 2021

Starting the Year with New Car Tyres from Apollo

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While we did an advisory on car tyre maintenance during the pandemic, things have opened up since then and most of us are regularly using our cars for daily commute, albeit with necessary social distancing precautions. Its plausible that a section of car owners might be looking for new car tyres going into 2021. To help select the best tyre for your car, we now have where you can compare car tyre price and mileage information.

So, if you are in the market for new car tyres, here are some top offerings you can check out at our online tyres shop.

Apollo Alnac 4GS Car Tyre

This advanced version of our award-winning Alnac 4G car tyre offers even better grip and control when driving at high speeds (that are within the speed limits mind you). Apollo Alnac 4GS is available for both premium hatchback, compact SUVs and sedans from all major automakers in India. Having a wider outer shoulder, the 4GS tread offers outstanding steering response, enhancing the safety of passengers. The silica-based tread material offers superior grip on dry and wet surfaces for excellent vehicle control. Moreover, the tread of Alnac 4GS car tyre uses pitch sequencing for better acoustic comfort, reducing the tyre noise inside the cabin.

Check Alnac 4GS car tyre price here

Apollo Amazer 4G Life

We understand that not everyone is looking for high-performance tyres like the Alnac series. That’s where the Apollo Amazer 4G Life car tyres step in, to simply amaze you with their longevity. Rated for over 1 lakh kilometers in mileage, these tyres can last city drivers for years to come. The high durability of these tyres comes from an ultra-high wear resistant compound that protects the tyre from structural instability. The robust cavity design and higher impact resistance of the Amazer 4G Life car tyre help you breeze through bad roads. Even more amazingly, the tyre also comes with built-in puncture resistance technologies to reduce nail penetration.

Check Amazer 4G Life tyre price here

Looking for SUV or two-wheeler tyres instead?

The Apollo online tyres shop stocks all types of four-wheeler and two-wheeler tyres. Visit us now to pick and choose the best tyre for your car, SUV or bike.