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How To Replace Car Tyres

09 July 2021

Rear, Front or all four? Know how to replace car tyres

Rear, Front or all four? Know how to replace car tyres

Your car may have the most modern connectivity, drivability and entertainment features, but it cannot run without its legs, the tyres. Having a set of high-performance car tyres not only improves the drivability and road safety but also aids other components in working better. That’s why timely replacement of car tyres is imperative once the tyres have covered their rated miles on the road.
While inspecting tyres is fairly straightforward, getting an expert opinion is never a bad choice. You can do that anytime by visiting an Apollo Tyres shop nearby. Or you can check the tread wear indicator (TWI) on your car tyres and see how they are faring. If the tread wear has hit the TWI marking, it’s time to buy new tyres.
But, what if one or more of your car tyres still have some life left? Do you replace all tyres at once, or do the replacement in sets? Let’s find out.

Situation A: Replacing all four tyres

In case all tyres are showing equal or near equal amounts of tread wear, it’s a good idea to replace all four tyres. Replacing all tyres ensures that all wheels have the same level of traction, tread design, and structural stability. Thus, the tyres react uniformly on the road and add stability to the drive.

Also, replacing all tyres at once is generally recommended for all-wheel-drive cars, as the car sensors and differential work in sync. Variation in tread levels can indicate incorrect readings to the tachometer and burden the powertrain.

Situation B: Replacing one or two tyres

Replacing a single tyre is not recommended. It’s like going for a run with a pair of different-sized shoes. However, single tyre replacements are uncommon and the most likely scenario where you need one is due to impact damage. Even in such instances, we advise replacing both tyres on the axle. If the other tyre is fairly new or has some life left, you can always avail a tyre exchange discount.

When replacing two tyres, follow the same rule, replace tyres by axle and not by side. If one front tyre and one rear tyre needs replacement, then it’s better to replace all four.

In conclusion, always keep a check on your car tyres before journeying. Mismatched tread wear can happen due to wheel alignment and balancing issues, so make sure your car’s service cycle includes tyre care as well. If you are looking for a new set of car tyres, you can now purchase Apollo Tyres online at Our full-service e-shop offers hassle-free tyre replacement with a buy online fit offline model, and a range of auxiliary tyre care services such as nitrogen filling, wheel rotation, balancing and an alignment check.