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Tips for selecting a hatchback tyre

02 June 2023
tips for buying hatchback car tyres

Tyres are a part of the suspension and braking system that connects your vehicle to the road. So, tyres play an important role in acceleration, braking, handling and ride quality. But most car owners do not realise that as consumable parts, tyres needs regular care. The aim of Apollo Tyres blog is to help customers make informed decisions. Hence, we cover topics ranging from tyre care to tyre replacement in our posts.

In continuation of the same, today we discuss how to select the perfect hatchback tyre for your car.

Hatchbacks are all the rage these days, especially in the premium hatchback segment. There are several new models competing for buyer's attention, such as the new i20, Swift, and Altroz. Some of these cars even offer turbochargers, making them ideal for enthusiast drivers.  Which means, these premium hatchbacks are pre-destined for a tyre upgrade.

There are two scenarios to consider.

Replacing tyres immediately after buying a new car

Car makers usually reserve the best tyre and wheel size combination for top end models of their cars. In the first instance, the lack of premium tyre options on lower end car variants may prompt some people to replace tyres immediately after buying a new car. There are certain benefits to this practice.

Personalization: By choosing to replace the tires, the car owner can personalize the vehicle to their preferences. They can select tires that align with their driving style, weather conditions, and aesthetic preferences.

Enhanced Performance: Upgrading to high-performance or specialized tires can improve the car's handling, cornering, and braking capabilities. This enhancement may be especially beneficial for enthusiastic drivers or those seeking better driving dynamics.

Safety and Traction: Opting for tires better suited to specific weather conditions, such as winter tires or all-season tires, can significantly improve traction and safety on the road. This is especially important in regions with extreme weather conditions.

Comfort and Noise Reduction: Some tire models are designed to offer a smoother and quieter ride, contributing to improved driving comfort and reduced road noise.

Longevity and Durability: Replacing the original tires with higher-quality or more durable tires may extend the overall life of the tires and reduce the frequency of replacements.

However, these reasons vary from person to person, and not everyone replaces their hatchback car tires immediately after buying a new car. Some car owners may be perfectly satisfied with the original equipment tires and choose to use them until they wear out naturally.

Replacing old hatchback tyres with an upgrade

The second scenario is where a hatchback owner opts for an upgrade when replacing worn out older tyres. Apart from the afore mentioned benefits, replacing old hatchback tires with an upgrade can offer a few more advantages that enhance the overall driving experience and safety.

Improved Performance: Upgrading to higher-performance tires can significantly enhance your hatchback's handling, responsiveness, and cornering capabilities. These tires are designed with advanced technology to provide better grip and traction, allowing for a more enjoyable and dynamic driving experience.

Enhanced Safety: Upgraded tires often feature improved braking performance and shorter stopping distances. This is particularly important in emergency situations, as better traction can help you maintain control and avoid accidents.

All-Season Versatility: If you live in an area with varying weather conditions, you can opt for all-season tires that provide reliable performance in both dry and wet road conditions. These tires offer a balanced combination of grip, traction, and comfort throughout the year.

Better Fuel Efficiency: Some upgraded tires are designed with low rolling resistance, which can contribute to improved fuel efficiency. This means you may enjoy better mileage and reduced fuel consumption over time.

Quieter and Smoother Ride: Upgraded tires often come with advanced noise-reduction technology, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable ride. This can make long journeys more pleasant and reduce road noise inside the cabin.

Tips for buying hatchback car tyres online

tips for searching tyres online

Tyre Research Tips: First up we have a few tips which will help you find out the popular tyre models that are being used by others in your hatchback segment. It will give you a fare idea of quality improvements you can expect after a tyre upgrade.

  • Check the higher end models in the car makers for tyre brand and model. Sometimes, the same line up of cars may offer different brand tyres according to the variant. This is the safest path to upgrading tyres on a brand new car. Because automakers generally use the best tyre and wheel combinations, and you can take your cue from them.
  • Check auto forums and owner's reviews for the car model you have. You can find genuine user reviews to find the best hatchback tyres for your model.
  • Contact an authorised tyre shop near your location for expert help. Tyre shops know the best-selling tyres for particular categories and can guide you. To find an Apollo Tyres dealer near you, you can visit our dealership page. Apollo Tyres also offers an online tyres shop and we have a helpline for round the clock assistance.

Hatchback Tyre Buying Tips and Considerations:

If like most people you are looking for hatchback tyres online to replace old tyres, here's our take. Consider the following things before buying new tyres.

Tyre life: A stock tyre generally lasts about 40,000 kilometres or less on the new zippier hatchbacks. The powerful engines and braking setups generally increase tread wear. If you have run down the miles on your old tyres, look for an upgrade instead of buying the stock model. Tyres like the Alnac 4G is among the best hatchback tyre upgrades in the market today. Tyres in this category offer lower rolling resistance while maintaining stability and control. You can expect these tyres to serve up to 70,000 kilometres in mileage.

Type of tyre: Another thing to consider is the type of tyre you want to go for. Here we are not talking about a choice between radial tyres and bias -ply tyres. Instead we are discussing the type of tyre compounds, softer or harder. Softer tyres offer better grip and lower NVH levels (noise, vibration, and harshness) but lesser mileage. Harder tyres offer better mileage but have less grip and are generally harsher to drive. But if your only need is a high-mileage tyre, the Amazer 4G Life is among the best in the industry. This hatchback tyre can offer mileage up to 1 lakh kilometres.

Tread pattern of tyre: Tread patterns are a part of the evolving tyre technology. Newer tread patterns are better at dispelling water and keeping your hatchback planted on the road. These tread patterns also have low-rolling resistance, which means the engine needs less effort to move the car. Thus, resulting in fuel savings and increase in fuel-efficiency of your hatchback. Moreover, due to symmetric tread these tyres can be easily rotated to gain even tread wear on all four tyres.

Upsizing hatchback tyres: If you are thinking of upsizing your hatchback's old tyres to give the car a new look, follow the 3 percent rule. The rule says that the diameter of new tyres should not exceed by 3% of the stock tyre. Here, you can play around with the limits a little bit when upsizing tyres for lower variant cars.

For example, most base variant cars have different tyre size than top spec versions. Usually this difference is 1 to 2 inches. So, you can take the higher end model's tyre size for reference and upsize from there. But be careful when upgrading to thicker tyres. These tyres may offer better cushioning on bad roads, but do that at the cost of handling and cornering performance.

Upgrading from tube-type tyres: If your hatchback came with tube-type tyres (although that's unlikely today), the smart thing is to buy tubeless hatchback tyres. Tubeless tyres are more reliable, offering greater puncture resistance and performance. Tubeless tyres also generate less heat as there is no friction inside between the tyre and tube. So, if your hatchback’s wheels support them, upgrade to tubeless car tyres.

Pro Tip: When buying new tyres, check the manufacturing date. Tyres stocked with a dealer for over six months or more, can harden and become brittle. Always get fresh stock of tyres when buying from Apollo Tyres Online.

buy fresh tyres stock online with apollo tyres

Concluding thoughts

Tyres can make or break your driving experience. So, explore several avenues before making the purchase. Especially if you are buying hatchback tyres for a new car. If you are replacing old hatchback tyres, then stick to the upsizing guidelines set by the carmaker. Or, you can always get in touch with a tyre expert at Apollo Tyres online for the best tyre buying advice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which tyre is best for hatchback car?

Apollo Alnac 4G is among the best hatchback tyres in India. These tyres are also among the preferred tyres by auto makers for their top end cars in premium hatchback and mid-size sedan segments. You can buy Apollo Alnac tyres online through

Why should I change the tyre of my hatchback car?

Car tyre replacements are a routine part of vehicle maintenance. If your car tyres are older than 6 years or have run through their indicated mileage, you need to change them. Tread wear, sidewall damage, or bumps in the tyre surface are some of the prime reasons for replacing old hatchback tyres. On the other hand, if you have bought a base model car and want to upgrade tyres for better performance, you can opt for hatchback tyre replacement.

Can I choose a different brand of tyres from the company-fitted ones?

Yes, you can buy tyres from a different brand than the company-fitted one. But always consult a tyre expert before upsizing or switching car tyre brands. Most carmakers use multiple tyre brands based on the variant they are selling. For example, the top model of a car may come with Apollo Alnac 4G while base model cars feature cheaper tyres. So, you can refer to the tyre brand on their top model cars when switching tyre brands.