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Hatchback Car Tyre Tips

10 July 2021

Tips for selecting a hatchback tyre

Best Hatchback Car Tyre

Tyres aid many functions of your car such as drivability, braking, acceleration, control and ride quality. But most vehicle owners tend to ignore tyre care till the time they begin showing signs of aging or start acting troublesome. On the other hand, some people replace their tyres immediately after buying a new vehicle, especially hatchbacks. Because carmakers usually reserve the best-optimized combination of tyre and wheel size for their top-end variants.

So, those buying a lower-end model can up the performance through tyre replacement and also get a good exchange value for the almost new stock tyres. But what are the qualities to look for when buying a new tyre?

Well, in today’s post we are focusing on hatchback tyres, but these rules apply for sedan and SUV tyres as well.

Life of the tyre

Stock hatchback tyres can wear out faster due to their lighter build and zippier powertrains. However, an average hatchback tyre can last a good 40,000 km before needing replacement. The life of car tyres also depends on the compounds used; softer tyres offer better grip but have lesser mileage. Harder tyres have longer life but aren’t very good in terms of grip. Moreover, driving style also figures in how fast your car tyres wear out. If you drive on bad roads, drive fast or brake hard, the tyre life can go down up to 50 percent.

The ideal solution is to look for car tyres offering a balance between performance and mileage. For instance, the Amazer 4G Life from Apollo Tyres is one such hatchback tyre rated for up to 1 lakh kilometers in mileage while offering excellent road control.

Life Tread Pattern

Tread pattern plays an important role in determining the grip and cornering performance of tyres. Tread on unidirectional tyres points in a single-direction and you cannot swap these tyres to the opposite side during wheel rotation. Symmetric tyres can be fitted and rotated in either direction as the tread pattern is identical on both halves. Tread patterns also vary by speed limit and load limit of tyres.

So, pick a tyre with innovative tread patterns from pioneer brands in the industry. For e.g., new tread patterns like the one found on Apollo Alnac 4G tyres offers the best performance for modern hatchbacks and sedans. The unique tread is designed for avoiding hydroplaning and excellent grip on both dry and wet roads.

Tubeless or tube type

Modern cars generally ship with tubeless tyres as they offer several advantages over tube-type tyres. In case of punctures, tubeless tyres lose air at slower pace and hence are more reliable. Tubeless tyres also generate less heat as there is no friction inside between the tyre and tube. So, tubeless car tyres should be the default choice if your hatchback’s wheels support them.

Check out new tyres now, Apollo online tyres shop offers both tubeless and tube-type tyres.

Size of the tyre

Thicker tyres are good for bad roads but give poor handling as they have more flex, and the car is not as sure-footed. Low-profile tyres offer great handling and precise control but are hard on the car’s suspension on bad roads. While buying new tyres, ideally you should stick to the car manufacturer’s recommended size. In case you have bought a lower-end variant, then you can think about replacing the stock with specifications that come on the carmakers, top-end models.

All Apollo Tyre models are optimized for the best balance between handling, mileage and ride quality. You can also refer to our upsizing guide if you are looking for larger tyres on your hatchback.

Pro Tip: When buying new tyres, check the manufacturing date. Tyres stocked with a dealer for over six months or more, can harden and become brittle. Always get fresh stock of tyres when buying from Apollo Tyres Online.

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